Greetings! My name is Fred DeNunzio, and I have served the City of Rochester as a firefighter for 18 years.  Prior to my career with the RFD I served in the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout.  My experiences in the US Army and in Desert Storm were challenging, intense, and life changing.  During that time, the camaraderie that was grown amongst us as soldiers was what drove us all to accomplish even the most daunting of tasks. Without it we all would certainly not have been able to get through the experiences that we shared.  In the years after the military I had some difficult times trying to “re-assimilate” to life back here at home.  I went to college and worked a number of different jobs.  All the while feeling like I was missing something.

     When I first started with the RFD in 1997, I quickly realized that the job was a calling for me.  It provided the excitement, intensity, and reward that I had not felt in years.  It provided me the opportunity to help others in crisis situations.  That reward helped heal me personally.  Once again I felt the element that had been missing since my years with my brothers in the Army…Camaraderie.  The brotherhood that we share as Firefighters is one of the greatest traditions that I have been lucky enough to be a part of.  Feeling blessed by it, I have been compelled my entire career to help promote its’ existence.  We, as firefighters, are given that opportunity daily in a myriad of ways.  It may be as simple as making and sharing meals at the firehouse or going out on the town after a long shift.  We support each other when times are tough and we are there for each other in times of need.  I truly believe that without this strong bond our effectiveness on the street, as firefighters, would be lessened.
     Several years ago, I was elected as Assistant Treasurer for the RFBA.  I found that the organization was another great channel for nurturing the fabric of the Brotherhood.  With the help of many from the RFBA, I revived the Firefighters’ Ball.  It has quickly become one of the most well attended events for the RFD, and we look forward to it every year.  The RFBA also promotes several other social events regularly that help our brothers and sisters get together and have some fun.
     Our organization is also the main coordinator and facilitator of the annual Christmas Party at the Holy Childhood.  This time honored tradition warms the hearts of members year after year by spending time with the beautiful children at The Holy Childhood.  Members of the RFBA board are constantly working to help keep this tradition alive and find new ways to expand on it.

     In January of 2015 I was given the great honor of being elected President of this fantastic organization.  I could not be prouder.  I have been given the opportunity the lead an organization that stands for the good of our members.  I look forward to continuing its’ traditions and realizing new potential. 

      I would like to thank all who serve on the board of the Rochester Firefighters Benevolent Association.  These men and women share my belief in our cause and work very hard to sustain it.

Kindest Regards,

Fred DeNunzio