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Spring 2014
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President :
Fred Denunzio

Vice President :
Jim Johnstone

Secetary :
Pat Agostinelli

Treasurer :
Jeff Griggs

Assitant Treasurer :
Neel Yau

Battalion Chiefs' Rep :

Captains' Rep :
Jim Ryan

Lieutenants' rep :
Dave Yiannakos

Firefighters' Rep :
Devon Monin

Firefighters' Rep :
Elvis Reyes

Firefighters' Rep :
Jim Geiger

Firefighters' Rep :
Gary Vales

Retirees' Rep :
Dan Cavuto

Retirees' Rep :
Bruce Celento

Retirees' Rep :
Dennis Trocano

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About the RFBA

The Rochester Firefighters' Benevolent Association membership is comprised of The City of Rochester NY Fire Department active and retired firefighters. This website is here to assist the RFBA membership on keeping them informed about the organization, its members, events, and pertinent topics and or information as it may relate to the RFBA, the Rochester Firefighters Retirees, the City of Rochester NY Fire Department, and its community. Please take time to visit here often to see what's happening and to stay updated of RFBA topics. Remember, all meetings are open to the general membership every month and the tenative times, dates, and locations will be posted on this website as well as the firehouses.

RFBA Constitution


Remember to always keep your benefits beneficiary designations up to date! Send or call any changes or updates to the RFBA office.

Call the office at (585) 325-4949 and leave a message or attend a monthly meeting if you have any questions about your membership.

Rochester Firefighters' Benevolent Association
P.O. Box 31764
Rochester, New York 14603-1764

Phone -or- Fax : 585-325-4949