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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The RFBA's Support of the RFD Awards Dinner

For many years, the Rochester Firefighters’ Benevolent Association (RFBA) has contributed $1,000 toward the Rochester Fire Department’s Awards Dinner. This money comes directly from the membership dues paid by the active and retired members of the RFBA and the RFBA continues to make this donation to the RFD Awards Dinner every year to support this worthwhile event. The RFBA’s trust fund, which provides a death benefit for its members, has also provided additional funding for the RFD awards dinner for many years as a result of the relationship the RFBA has with its trust fund manager. The trust fund was formerly managed by Clover Capital, which is now Federated Clover. Both of these companies are responsible for the success of the trust fund and they have generously provided the City of Rochester with a $3,500 donation to the RFD Awards Dinner for many consecutive years.

Since Federated Clover was formed, the city’s ethics policies have changed and Federated Clover’s annual donation could no longer be given directly to the City of Rochester. Consequently, Federated Clover now gives that donation directly to its client, the RFBA, and the RFBA Board of Trustees is now responsible for deciding what to do with those funds. The Board of Trustees decided to direct Federated Clover’s donation toward the RFBA Firefighters’ Ball because that event is by and for the members of the RFBA and the donation would help to manage the cost of the event and keep the ticket prices affordable for the membership.

The RFBA is proud to continue their monetary support of both the RFD Awards Dinner and the RFBA Firefighters’ Ball. As always, if you have any questions about these events or any other association matter, please contact a member of the Board of Trustees or call the RFBA office at 325-4949.

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